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Adult Program

The Adult Program serves all the clients over 18 years of age by offering them: basic career services, individualized career services and follow-up career services related to those placed in employment. These services are offered in the same way to the Displaced Workers.


Training Services

The following are offered to the participants:

  • Training in Occupational Skills, including training in non-traditional jobs.

  • Training in employment (OJT).

  • Training for incumbent workers.

  • Programs that combine on-the-job training with related instruction, which may include cooperative education programs.

  • Training programs operated by the private sector.

  • Increase in skills and retraining.

  • Training in Business Initiatives.

  • Transitional jobs.

  • Training in preparation for employment in combination with other WIOA training.

  • Adult Education and literacy activities.

  • Tailored training (Customized).

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