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What is WIOA?

The new federal employment and training statute, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), became law on July 22, 2014 and effective as of July 1, 2015. This new regulation replaces the Workforce Investment Act. known as the WIA Act for its acronym in English.


This reform will increase the employment, retention, and income of the participants, the recognition of the educational and professional preparation of the participants, and as a consequence, improve the quality of the workforce. It will reduce dependency on public assistance, increase economic self-sufficiency, and allow us to know the requirements of employers to improve the productivity and competitiveness of the Nation.


The purpose of the WIOA Act is to provide activities to the working force aimed at:

  • Improve the talent of people, particularly those with barriers to obtain employment, and have access to job opportunities, formal education, training and support services.

  • Support the alignment of investment systems in the working force, educational systems and economic development.

  • Improve the quality and relevance of the labor market by offering workers skills and credentials, and employers, skilled workers.

  • Promote improvement in the structures and provision of services.

  • Promote prosperity for workers, employers and improve global competitiveness.

  • Provide activities that improve employment, its retention, earnings accrued by participants and obtaining recognized secondary post credentials.

Meeting in Local Board


​Improve access to services that respond to the specific needs of the clients that comes to the American Job Center of the Local Area of Labor Development of Ponce, requesting guidance that allows them to improve their quality of life. This service is available to residents of Ponce and adjacent areas.

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