Youth Program

The purpose of the Youth Program is to provide them with the means to continue in school, the tools to return them to school, offer services in a coordinated manner that will help them in the transition from school to work and develop their employability potential.

Jóvenes - Reunión con los ordenadores

The ALDL / Ponce will give priority to young people who have one or more of the following barriers to employment:

  • School deserter

  • Young person who has not attended school during the last semester.

  • He completed High School but:

    • is deficient in basic skills.

    • He is in the process of learning English.

  • Offender (juvenile or adult justice systems).

  • Homeless, escaped, in foster home.

  • Ambulantes (who leaves his home, runaway).

  • Pregnant or young raising children.

  • Young person with disabilities.

  • Low income and requires additional assistance to enter and / or complete an educational program or get and keep a job.