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One Stop Center

We offer the public in one place, the basic orientation and information services of the participating Partner Agencies.

The Partner Agencies may have one or several persons in the Center to explain the services and programs offered to the clients. Instead they can attend a fixed day a week, which will inform the clients and appointments will be offered to be attended.

They will provide literature so that the public can receive guidance on the services they offer, on the requirements to receive them, on how to qualify for these and the contact persons to be assisted.


Among the services we provide are:

  • Guidance on eligibility for program activities.

  • Orientation to Employers.

  • Job search services for adults and displaced persons.

  • Opportunities for support services, training and employment for people displaced from their jobs, young adults and economically disadvantaged adults.

  • Provision of photocopier, telephone, printer and fax for the benefit of their employment management.

  • Preparation of the portfolio.

  • Veterans Program Services.

  • Guidance on how to prepare a resume, a cover letter and thank you.

  • Internet access for employment management and resume submission.

  • Services to seasonal migrants and agricultural employees.

  • Guidance on the labor market.

  • Workshops on techniques in job search.

  • Local Area of ​​Labor Development

  • It is the unit that operates the WIOA Funds in each Consortium or Municipality. It has an administrative function, for which it is assigned 10% of the budget and an operational one, which receives the remaining 90%. The operational function of WIOA is offered through three (3) programs: Youth, Adults and Displaced Work.

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