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State Board

The State Board is composed of the Governor, two (2) members of the Senate and the House of Representatives, representatives of the private company, appointed by the Governor, of whom the president is elected, electros officers (mayors), union organizations and communities, officials of educational institutions and directors of state agencies.

Among the functions of this Board are: To develop the State Plan and the Annual Report, designation of the Local Areas, development of the formulas of distribution of funds for the training and employment activities, develop the implementation measures at the state level.


Local Board

The Local Board is made up of representatives of the private company appointed by the Mayoress of the Autonomous Municipality of Ponce, from which the president is elected, and must be from the components, and members of the union and communal organizations, officials of educational institutions , economic development agencies, all the obligated partners of the Centro Única Laboral / Ponce and other entities according to the Mayor nominee.

It is carried out among other functions: identifying suppliers for intensive services, negotiating execution measures, supporting employers with services related to their needs, and monitoring the integrated functioning of the local system.


Standing Committee of Youth

The Federal Labor Department urges that the Local Boards establish a committee that provides assistance to the Board with planning, operation, and other matters related to the provision of youth services, which may include faith-based and community-based organizations. with an outstanding record of youth services. WIOA allows the Local Board to designate the Youth Council as the committee if the Board meets the requirements of a committee set forth in section 107.

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